Farewell to the Bristol Giant

The gigantic floating crane is steeped in history, supporting the construction of crucial infastructure at Avonmouth Dock since 1965.

Bristol Port bid a heartfelt farewell to the Bristol Giant on Monday 15 November. Built in 1965, the 150-ton Floating Crane has played a critical role in building infrastructure across the Avonmouth Dock, in particular, the Oil Basin. 

The pontoon for the crane was built in two parts by Charles Hill & Sons at their Albion Dockyard, City Docks and the floated down the river to Avonmouth Dock where the crane parts were erected on the pontoon by Cowans Shelson & Co. Ltd. of Carlisle. 

Her namesake, Bristol Giant, is drawn from the Bristol folklore tale about two giants, Goram and Vincent which was used to explain distinctive local geogrpahical features.

The Bristol Giant has been sold to a local salvage and marine service provider, ‘Severn Seas Shipping Company’. The company have an extensive restoration plan to bring the vessel back in service, consisting of a full dry docking and crane refurbishment. Although it is sad to see her go, The Bristol Port Company look forward to seeing the Bristol Giant (or whatever her future name will be!) back in action!

Jack Fryatt, Shoalbuster Master, who successfully rehomed the giant crane said: “We are delighted that the Bristol Giant has been sold to a local business and we look forward to seeing the vessel restored to her former glory!”