launches new private freight exchange for forwarders and their preferred hauliers

Logistics platform has developed a new haulage freight exchange, called Private Freight Exchange, which enables freight forwarders to invite hauliers to their own secure and private digital space, communicating directly with their trusted transport service providers.

The platform, which speeds up communication between forwarders and hauliers that have already established a positive working relationship, was developed by in direct response to customer demand.

For large forwarders, has also developed the  Corporate Freight Exchange, which enables the management of freight allocation and service providers across a corporation’s network.

Aleksandra Marszałek, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Western Europe, said:

“With our new Private Freight Exchange platform, we are closing the gap between the contract and spot markets. With the solution, freight forwarders and shippers can quickly and easily set up a private freight exchange with their individual haulier network and use our proven tools for efficient cooperation.”

Hauliers registered on the platform can also use its Loads2Go mobile app, which greatly improves communication by providing easy access to freight offers and the ability to respond rapidly from any location. can expand a client’s Private Freight Exchange database to include any number of trusted hauliers.

The platform helps to actively onboard hauliers and proposes transport companies that operate on the requested routes and meet set security criteria.

Furthermore, parameters for largely automated freight assignments can also be stored in the Private Freight Exchange. developed Private Freight Exchange in reaction to the increasing demand from forwarders for greater security, digitisation and the need to be able to conduct freight offer processes in a non-public arena. also identified that hauliers were more willing to do business with a forwarder they already know.

Marcin Haładuda, Global Business Development Manager, said:

“Private Freight Exchange is a solution that we developed after a thorough analysis of our customers’ needs. We are convinced that the private freight exchange can not only solve problems such as working with unknown contractors and slow email/telephone based communication but also boost the ability of European haulage to operate in a far more sustainable way.”

Private Freight Exchange also allows market price comparison and can easily interface with existing transport management systems eradicating the need for any manual data inputting.


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